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Do you want to fall in love with drawing again? Have you always wanted to draw but were intimidated by the dry, tedious way it is usually taught? Or are you a professional artist who is bored and looking to make your drawings come alive? This course will change your life.

Sherrie McGraw’s new drawing eCourse will change the way you think about drawing. This world-renowned artist has built on the popularity of her book, The Language of Drawing, and developed an accessible eCourse that will make drawing an exciting tool that will not only teach you to see like an artist, but it will also improve your painting.

By drawing a few minutes a day, you will learn the fundamental elements that all good draftsmen know. She’ll take you from drawing simple objects around the house; to using yourself as the model; to studying the classic nude figure and portrait; to discovering the most available model of all, the clothed figure.



After showing you all the materials Sherrie uses to draw, she’ll show you the joy of drawing common objects around your home and studio. She’ll cover what you’ll learn in each exercise and describe how finding the gesture is the key to making drawing come to life. Then she introduces you to the most patient and generous model of all—yourself! You will draw along with Sherrie as she tackles her own hand and face as the most available models of all. Working from your own face and hands will introduce you to working from life in PART II.


In this section, Sherrie will entertain you with tutorials on all the features, including how to make form in drawing. She uses a human skull to explain the structure of the human body as well as specifically, demonstrate the features of the face. She uses an existing drawing of a mountain man to explain the concerns in portraiture, which sets the stage for the live model. Using one of her favorite male models, she covers all the elements of drawing that a good draftsman knows by drawing gestures of the head, finally culminating in a full portrait drawing. This will begin to prepare you for PART III where you will expand this knowledge into the human figure.


First Sherrie returns to the human skeletal structure to understand the design of the body while demonstrating this information. As gesture is at the heart of understanding the human form, she uses existing gestural drawings to talk about the importance of gesture and how it happens in shorter to longer drawings, including how it happens in a clothed figure. Sherrie discusses the importance of making line through demonstrations to develop your own “handwriting.” By seeing finished work and through special schematic drawings, she explains the elements of drawing so you will feel confident in tackling the PART IV where she puts all these principles to work in the human form.


Beginning with gesture, Sherrie draws numerous poses from female and male models to show how she distills what she sees into its most elemental parts. By drawing along with her, you can begin to see what information is important to put in. She simplifies drawing the human form in a way that you can grasp. This information will carry over when you find your own sketch group and begin to explore the world of working from life. And as a final note, she shows how even if you don’t have a figure drawing class in your own town, you can master all the elements of the human form by hiring clothed models, which are always available.

Most importantly, after taking this entire eCourse, you’ll see that drawing is simpler than you thought and if you follow the entire course, it will transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

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