May Figure Workshop 2021


Master Painting In Your Own Studio

Reignite your passion for painting as you connect with beauty again. In a series of online workshops, our experienced instructors will cover all subject matter in comprehensive demonstrations with an active Q & A over Zoom.  All recordings will be available for 90 days after the workshop concludes.

May 19th - 23rd / 8:30am - 11:30am PST


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May 19th / Bonus Day: How We Work

Stacy will paint a figure self-portrait in oil and Jackie will paint a figure in pastel. We will talk about all the mediums that we will be using and answer all the questions you have about the workshop. This will be a great prep day where you will get to ask any questions you have about the workshop and how we work. It will also be a great introduction to the different mediums we use by introducing you to both oil and pastel for painting the figure.
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May 20th / What Difference Does Medium Make?

On this first day of the workshop, we will continue with this theme as Sherrie paints a male figure in watercolor, starting with a vine charcoal drawing; and David paints a nude in oil from an existing painting. There will be robust discussions about mediums and what differences they offer, if any, when choosing a medium for your idea. We know that people have many questions regarding different mediums, and all the instructors will be available to talk about their ways of working within different mediums that they are versed in—pastel, watercolor, and oil.
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May 21st / The Figure as Part of a Floral Composition

Jackie will paint a figure with a flower arrangement, but completely in oil. You will be able to easily see how different these two mediums are and why you might choose one medium over another. This should be a fascinating comparison of ways to work, and it should stimulate much conversation about why one would choose a particular medium over another to express an idea.
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May 22nd / Painting the Nude from a Drawing

During these sequestered times, Sherrie shows how painting from an existing drawing can not only be a way to keep one’s connection with the human figure during COVID, but also a way to test what you know about painting the figure. This discussion will open your eyes to painting even when you have to invent the color.
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May 23rd / Painting the Clothed Figure in Oil

David will paint a three-quarter figure of Sherrie that will open up a discussion about composition when the figure is the whole reason for the painting, unlike the idea Jackie presents, which is where the figure is part of the idea, but not the entire reason for doing the painting. This discussion will help you understand the differences in concepts as they pertain to the figure; this will be a great way to wrap up the workshop by answering all the questions you have about possible ideas with a figure painting.


“I loved every moment of it. I especially was fascinated by the closeups of the actual brushstrokes. So many of my questions were answered during these 7 days.”

Nancy H.

“The richness of the content, the integrity of the process and I love that I can watch the videos again for the next 90 days. Glorious!”

Judy L.

“Watching each artist paint and having him/her explain the thoughts behind the choice of stroke, value, and color is incredible.  Also being able to sit at my kitchen table and not have to leave home, but have the opportunity to learn and be inspired.”

Frank O.