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When you become a member of The Artists Guild, you gain instant access to nearly 70 videos featuring the highly sought-after instruction of three world-renowned artists. David A Leffel, Sherrie McGraw and Jacqueline Kamin share their expertise in traditional realist painting through a constantly expanding collection of exclusive videos found only in the Guild’s Library.

These extraordinary videos focus in-depth on such topics as:

  • Still Life
  • Portrait
  • Figure
  • Landscape in Oil
  • Drawing the Nude

And demonstrate a variety of different mediums, including:

  • Charcoal
  • Contè
  • Oil
  • Pastel

You will also enjoy instruction tailored to our students’ concerns through periodic tutorials straight from our staff members’ studios. No waiting for lengthy downloads—simply click and view any video immediately, thanks to today’s fast streaming technology. Think of it as being able to attend a master art class anytime you want, in the privacy of your own home or studio!

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“As our fans are spread across the globe, we looked for an affordable way to share our knowledge and insights from years of teaching that respects our own painting time. We believe that online video instruction is the perfect solution—and an unprecedented opportunity!—to reach our worldwide audience for just pennies a day. We invite you to be a member of our remarkable Guild of artists. ”

– David, Sherrie and Jackie


David is an absolute delight.

His charming delivery belies the depth and significance of what he is sharing while he paints another masterpiece. He is indeed a national treasure. Thank you for the privilege of watching him work and the opportunity to be a member of the Artist Guild.


These are invaluable videos

This approach, with practice, actually makes painting much easier.

M. Pewitt

It was truly magical!

Watching how you use cool and warm to create the planes was an eye opener. It was truly magical. I especially loved the delicate way you approached the overall design of this painting. When I saw the other original one you painted from the model, I observed the richness and the fluidity of paint that occurred differently and yet both paintings had that same regal quality. You captured it both times. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

A. Donatelli

Thank you

Thank you so much for an awesome instructional video!

J. Fundo


Fascinating to watch the portrait develop! Thank you for making this available.


Thank you SO MUCH

It’s so wonderful and very helpful video as well as the rest of videos on this site! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your talent and knowledge with us!

Rose G.

In-depth approach

I really enjoy these videos and the in depth approach to explaining the thought process behind his work.


Incredible Experience

To watch David teaching is an incredible experience. I feel very privileged.