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Bundle: The Language of Drawing Softcover Book + 5-Star Drawing eCourse

The Language of Drawing: From An Artists Viewpoint Book Cover on Table

Bundle: The Language of Drawing Softcover Book + 5-Star Drawing eCourse


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Some have called The Language of Drawing, by world-renowned artist Sherrie McGraw the definitive instructional book on the art of line.  Her complete Drawing eCourse Series with 4 parts and over 90 instructional videos is based on this illustrative book.  If the reader is looking for an alternative to rendered academic drawing and wants to learn what all great draftsman know, then this book and 5-Star rated drawing eCourse bundle is a must have purchase.  Offer expires 7/31/20.

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The Language of Drawing: From an Artists Viewpoint (Softcover) Book by Sherrie McGraw

McGraw helps restore the child-like vigor and delight to drawing while bringing it firmly into its mature form. This book explains what all good draftsmen have known since the first line was etched on a cave wall thousands of years ago. Rich with illustrations of McGraw’s drawings, it also includes some of her influences in a special chapter filled with some of the greatest drawings of all time. For beginners and accomplished artists alike, this book allows you to fall in love with drawing again.

Complete Drawing eCourse Series (90 instructional Videos)

The 4-part online Drawing eCourse series includes 90 instructional videos built on the popularity of this book.  Sherrie McGraw has developed accessible online drawing classes and a complete drawing online course series that will make drawing an exciting tool.  You will learn everything from the Basics of Drawing, Drawing from Life, Preparing for the Nude, and the Live Nude Model.  These amazing online drawing classes, complimented with The Language of Drawing book, will not only teach you to see like an artist, but they will also improve your drawing and painting.  Build confidence, and master all the elements of the human form.


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