David Shares the Art of Doodling (Rent)

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Doodling—inventing objects from one’s imagination—can be drawing at its most joyful. Doodles capture the essence of drawing in a playful way, and to date, this video is the only doodling demonstration that David has ever done. Sherrie assists David onstage as he has laryngitis and struggles to speak.

He starts with a story from his first drawing lesson at Parsons School of Design in New York City with Mr. Rosenbauer. With great anticipation of drawing his first female nude, all his puerile thoughts disappeared when his teacher said, “Draw the model with a feeling of air around her.” This blew David’s mind and pushed all other thoughts away as he tried to grasp the idea of drawing “air” using only charcoal or graphite.

He shows how artists internalize their subjects so that they can draw them in any position they choose. This is a skill that draftsmen want to develop so that they can see their subjects three-dimensionally. When he begins to draw, he chooses horses as his subject and places them in different angles, including a flying horse from below.

He playfully goes from drawing horses to putti to eyes to rib cages to hands and onto portraits. His sensitive line is mesmerizing and the audience finally sees the magic of line describing volume and form, which is the basis of all good draftsmanship.

This video ends with an impassioned lecture about what drawing means to David, and when Sherrie questions him in one of his assertions, there is a funny exchange between them. The viewer will see how line can really come to life!


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