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Save $395 by taking the Drawing & Painting Workshop Package

Drawing Solid Form Beneath Clothing (October 21–23)

9am – 4:30pm (lunch from noon to 1:30pm)

In this three-day drawing workshop, there will be both male and female quick gesture poses in order to warm up. For this special class, we will focus on learning how to draw the draped model and give a sense of form underneath clothing. The model will take a long nude pose while students draw. Then the model will take the same pose, but this time he or she will be in costume. This exercise will help students understand how to draw draped models in a convincing manner. This is a wonderful way to begin to develop the ability to have ‘x-ray’ vision when capturing the clothed model.

  • Standalone Registration Fee: $695

Drawing Demos

There will be a drawing demonstration on the evening before class begins to orient students to the power of the gesture and how that translates to the clothed figure as well. There will be at least one other demonstration on subsequent evenings of the drawing workshop. During class, however, instructors will help students individually with critiques and demonstrations on the margins of students’ work. This class will help students animate their clothed figures in their own work.

Painting the Model in Costume and/or Finding a Beautiful Concept in a Still Life (October 24–28)

9am – 4:30pm (lunch from noon to 1:30pm)

In this five-day workshop, students will have the option of painting still life and/or the costumed model. Choosing from the professional models in this art town, students wanting to paint the figure will enjoy a variety of subjects dressed in period clothing that will surely stimulate some intriguing compositions. In the still life section of the class students will create their own compositions with assistance from the instructors from a large variety of antique objects and flowers provided. Instructors will help students understand what their ideas are, and then what—if anything—is extrinsic to that idea. The guiding concept is the key to learning to paint.

  • Standalone Registration Fee: $1,650

Painting Demonstrations

All the instructors will do demonstrations to help further explain what they are teaching during class hours. The first demonstration will begin the night prior to the first class to orient students to the week. Then the week will be full of dual and individual demonstrations on painting still life, portrait and the figure. Learning happens more easily when students see the instructor tackle the same problems that they have struggled with in class.

Accommodations and Meals

For those students staying at The Lodge—an updated Southwestern hotel sitting atop a hill overlooking Santa Fe—classes will be just moments away each morning after enjoying a complimentary breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant. Beverages and snacks will be provided throughout the day in a break room for the students’ convenience and comfort. The hotel also has a hot tub and two fireplaces—one outdoors and one in the lobby—for the students’ use, as well as frequent shuttles to Santa Fe’s historic downtown plaza. Students can either bring their own lunch, drive to many nearby luncheon places or take the shuttle to nearby shopping malls for lunch, which will be from noon to 1:30pm every day.

To reach the reservations department of The Lodge, call (505) 992-5858 or (888) 563-4373. To receive the group rate, reference the group code ‘B05F15’ or ‘Bright Light Fine Art’.

Click on the following to book your reservation online at The Lodge.


All instructor demonstrations will be held after class in the hotel’s stage-lit theatre from 5 – 7pm, maximizing working time in class as well as giving students the rest of the evening to enjoy the great restaurants and sights in town. The exact schedules will be announced about a month before the workshop begins.


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