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If you have ever wondered how to paint an eye, this tutorial will be invaluable as a teaching tool. In this footage, David enlists his colleagues Sherrie McGraw and Jacqueline Kamin as an audience to spark his natural teaching instincts. Their participation heightens David’s interest in explaining how edges in these complex forms work, making this a thorough and helpful tutorial on painting the human eye.

After laying in the shadow under the brow ridge, David explains the reason that light passes from the forehead into the eye, followed by the logic of warms and cools on the upper and lower lids. As all the forms connect, David talks about the edges of the hairline and temple as well as how the light works with the nose as well.

He then takes a request from Sherrie to make the eye brown. He discusses the transparency of the iris and how to give the illusion of light going through the eye. His audience comments on the clarity of his explanations.

According to David, painting the eye is a telling area that separates the amateur from the professional in the world of portraiture. He guides us through the complexities of painting the human eye and all the surrounding forms in easy-to-comprehend explanations. This video is a must-see for anyone interested in understanding the forms of the human face.


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