Figure Drawing: The Elemental Language Part 1 (Rent)

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In this first part, Sherrie does gesture drawings from the live model. Gestures are what artists have done for centuries to understand what information is essential and what is temporal or incidental. These gestures get her warmed up for a three hour drawing that comes in Part 2.

First, she introduces the viewer to her favorite drawing materials and the possibilities that different mediums afford; she shares why she might use one medium over another to convey the beauty of the model. This part of the video will help you develop sensitivity to your materials.

Sherrie then warms up with nearly 45 minutes of gesture drawings that capture the feeling of the pose. If you are enamored of the drawings of Anthony Van Dyck, Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt and other masters, gestures are a playful part of drawing and something they all embraced. Gestures loosen up the hand and help create confidence. You will begin to understand that gestures are a shorthand way to eliminate information and get to the essence of the subject.

You will witness the process of Sherrie looking for a pose that will work for a longer drawing. As her model patiently tries different positions that might inspire her, the viewer will appreciate the consideration she gives each pose before beginning a drawing. Finally, she finds the pose that she will take to completion in Part 2.


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