Figure Drawing: The Elemental Language Part 2 (1 Year)

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Sherrie shares her philosophy about the basis of drawing as the desire to study the subject. She says that drawing in its historical use was always a way to compose and examine the subject in preparation for a painting. She encourages every artist to begin with a bold and fearless gesture and leave timidity behind. Everyone has their unique line quality, but you can only discover it if you draw with abandon.

Sherrie begins with the gesture of a reclining pose and talks about the challenges of working from life. Slowly she works on the foreshortened leg. It begins to emerge in space after Sherrie talks about how to think when drawing foreshortening. She talks about the structure underlying the features and also draws both hands and the head as though they are part of the resting figure. She also captures the feeling of the weight of the nude sinking into the soft surface.

Sherrie ends with a talk about line quality. Then the entire video ends with more gesture drawings where you see just how human a process it is, and sometimes a gesture simply doesn’t work out.

The viewer will benefit from seeing Sherrie solve drawing problems in this thorough examination of the language of drawing.


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