Gesture Drawing: The Essence of a Pose (Rent)

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Using existing drawings at different stages of completion, Sherrie draws the gesture that is underlying each. By breaking down a few examples to their basic qualities, Sherrie shows the minimum that one needs to draw in order to capture the feeling of a pose. In this unique video she demonstrates why artists have always sought to reduce nature into its most important information. She discusses why the nude is classically used to understand drawing and how it can teach you draw. You’ll see her tackle foreshortening, demystifying it by explaining what an artist must do to make the illusion convincing. She then talks about the use of toned paper as a way to give a feeling of light in your drawing.

Sherrie then uses a hand-sculpted horse manikin to express different gestures in order to study from a live yet cooperative model. Always starting with a gesture, she draws the horse jumping, walking, and foreshortened, and then takes the drawings further. She shows how to tone a paper in order to give a feeling of light in the subject and create highlights.

Advanced viewers will see that the ultimate goal in drawing is to visually internalize an object in your mind so that it could be imagined in any position.

Even if a nude model isn’t available, this video will inspire you to tackle common objects around the house in order to work from life and really learn to draw.


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