Gesture Drawings at the Scottsdale Artists School (Rent)

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For her class in Arizona, Sherrie starts with an explanation for one of the most common gestures in the human figure—a bend. Working from a live male model first, she explains the basis of all gestures. She addresses all the elements that an artist translates into shorthand descriptions of what is happening, which is the basis of the language of drawing. She stresses the importance of giving the feeling of life in your drawing. Otherwise, your drawings will seem static. Gesture is the essence of what is happening in the pose.

Sherrie shifts to a female model and continues doing large gesture drawings to capture more poses, now describing a feminine, yet lithe, model.

Sherrie moves to somewhat longer drawings on toned paper. She starts with her male model and puts in some contè to give some ‘blood’ to the drawing. Even in the long pose, she makes sure she doesn’t get precious with the drawing, which would cause her to tighten up. She stays loose and starts with the feeling of the pose first. She ends with a long drawing of her female model, following the same practice of developing the elements of drawing, keeping the initial inspiration intact.

This video will show beginners as well as remind professionals how important it is to make line in becoming a good draftsman. Sherrie’s demonstrations should free you up to take chances and to find your line.


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