Jacqueline/ Portrait of WWII Veteran John Knight PART 1


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Jacqueline/ Portrait of WWII Veteran John Knight PART 1

This film captures real footage of Jacqueline Kamin painting an oil portrait of John Knight, a decorated veteran who fought in eight war zones in World War II. In 2017 Jacqueline and her daughter Stacy embarked on a special project to honor these men at the CalVet Veterans Home in Los Angeles by capturing their faces in oil, charcoal and watercolor and also recording their war stories on film. Jacqueline and Stacy’s artistic efforts culminated in a comprehensive show called “Drawn to Serve,” which had its premier opening on November 11, 2017 celebrating Veteran’s Day. The moving stories these men told helped Jacqueline and Stacy capture the spirit of this dying breed of men who put their lives on the line to protect our country.

“Painting John’s portrait was an amazing opportunity for me, as well as a very difficult project to attempt,” Jacqueline stated. “The lighting was probably the most problematic factor, because there were multiple light sources. I placed him with the strongest light available, a north-facing window illuminating the left side of his face, which gave me a distinct yet pale shadow plane on the right side of his face. This required transposing the shadow into a much richer, darker shade.”

After a brief introduction, the voices and conversations you hear capture the real life situation of this video, which shows how to deal with seemingly insurmountable lighting conditions on location when necessary. Jacqueline also shows how it is possible to create a beautiful and compelling portrait despite the odds.

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