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Sherrie talks about all the materials she uses in painting. This is an invaluable tutorial on the use of and the reasons for all the tools a painter will need when painting in oil.

She starts with showing the colors on her palette and explaining why she lays them out in a certain way and what she uses each of them for in her work. Her explanations offer invaluable information for beginners who have never worked in oil as well as advanced artists who are looking to explore new colors to alter or expand their palettes.

Making the distinction between a palette knife and a painting knife, Sherrie covers the proper uses for these tools and how they are important for palette hygiene and paint application. Then brushes take center stage as she touts the benefits of filbert brushes and how even a worn down brush can be one of your most valuable tools in painting.

Supports are the next focus of this tutorial. Smooth surfaces are preferred as they allow paint to sit on top of and not sink into the weave of the canvas. Sherrie shows two such surfaces and even makes a brushstroke on the best surface you can find, a hand-primed stretched canvas. She feels the right surface can even help develop beautiful brushwork.

This demonstration on the use of color and other tools of painting will help simplify your studio, putting order into something that you do have control over so that all you have to deal with are painting problems.


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