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After showing you all the materials Sherrie uses to draw, she’ll show you the joy of drawing common objects around your home and studio. She’ll cover what you’ll learn in each exercise and describe how finding the gesture is the key to making drawing come to life. Then she introduces you to the most patient and generous model of all—yourself! You will draw along with Sherrie as she tackles her own hand and face as the most available models of all. Working from your own face and hands will introduce you to working from life in PART II.

Intro to eCourse
Introduction to Materials: Brands, Explanations and Uses
Recognizing Gesture in Existing Drawings with Demos

Drawing Common Objects
Making Gesture, Form & Texture with Line Quality
Apples with Leaves: Making Form and Gesture
Teapot with Leaves: Developing Visual Memory
Goat Sculpture: Finding Multiple Positions from the Same Object
Tang Horse: Studying Texture

Preparing for Portrait Drawing:
Discussion Using Existing Portrait Drawing of a Mountain Man

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