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This film addresses the basics of anatomy in a simple and accessible style using a skeleton, live models, drawings, onscreen labels and spoken explanations to help the information penetrate. If you have never had anatomy or even if you have already studied it in its more complicated forms, you will benefit from Jacqueline’s simplifications of the skeleton’s bony masses and the nomenclature of the musculature.

In Jacqueline Kamin’s jovial and disarming manner, anatomy is made palatable by eliminating most of the complicated nomenclature that can easily alienate students. Instead of tedious information, she gives you simple landmarks to look for that will help you understand all the necessary anatomy to navigate and visually read the human figure.

If you are a serious artist, you have probably studied anatomy, or at least felt guilty that you haven’t. And even if you’ve studied it, often the terms slip away and don’t make enough of an impact to stay in your memory. Jacqueline takes this often overly complicated subject and breaks it down into the three simple bony masses and the obvious bony landmarks in the body. She describes the different kinds of joints and the words that will demystify anatomical nomenclature. The names of what she is talking about flash onscreen to make them easier to remember.

She covers musculature with the help of schematic drawings onscreen that augment her verbal cues as well as identifying these muscles on live models.

If you’ve been afraid of tackling anatomy, these practical and enjoyable lessons on anatomy will give you the information you need to understand the human figure.


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