Priming a Raw Linen Canvas (1 Year)

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If you’ve ever wondered how to properly stretch and prime a raw linen canvas in preparation for oil painting, Sherrie shows the process from beginning to end, covering every phase you’ll need to know. By following her directions closely, you’ll be able to create one of the most beautiful painting surfaces available anywhere. No commercial canvas rivals the smooth, silky quality of hand-primed linen.

Jomarie DiIorio, her dear friend and longtime draping professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, joins Sherrie as her assistant to act on behalf of the viewer to ask questions and as well, to offer her own expertise. Although Jomarie is already very experienced in priming canvas, she makes sure Sherrie answers all the questions you might have about this age-old tradition of surface preparation. They make a conscientious and entertaining team.

This film starts with Sherrie introducing you to all the materials you will need in the entire process of priming a canvas. She then stretches a piece of raw linen, applies the rabbit skin glue and sands after each coat. It is helpful to see Sherrie do every step of the priming, and even nicer to see Jomarie try her hand at some of it, allowing Sherrie to give her pointers to get the best results possible.

You’ll get to see how taut to stretch the canvas to allow for the tightening effect of the glue; you’ll get a good tip for keeping the corners square; and you’ll enjoy seeing the tricks in getting the final surface with the lead as smooth as possible.

After this wonderfully clear demonstration of the proper way to prepare a canvas, Sherrie makes a passionate case for why all the trouble of priming your own canvas is worth it and will improve your own painting.


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