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Self-Portraits is an inspiring journey into painting through the extraordinary perceptions of one of the leading artists of our time. Using this time-honored artistic self-examination, Leffel’s personal insights will inspire viewers as they follow his work through years of discovery into the mysteries of painting. With biographical contributions from two nationally known artists and celebrated authors—Gregg Kreutz and Sherrie McGraw—as well as autobiographical prose by Leffel himself, this book is a true examination of a singular life in art through his stories and paintings.

Now in an eBook format, this classic art book is at your fingertips on most every mobile device. It promises to give the viewer a special insight into an extraordinary life devoted to art.

Added Enhancement!

Now in an eBook format, this classic book is enhanced with two videos of Leffel explaining the history of painting and how it grew out of drawing, and a video explaining how he starts and finishes a portrait. It also contains two in-depth conversations with McGraw about his adventures becoming an artist. You will get an intimate glimpse into an extraordinary life through the artist’s own anecdotes right from his studio in Taos, New Mexico. And you will have all this at your fingertips on most every mobile device. This eBook will give the viewer a special insight into an extraordinary life devoted to art.

Readers of Self-Portraits will benefit from:

  • David A Leffel’s more than 60 years of painting experience
  • A video on how Leffel starts and finishes a portrait
  • A video illuminating the vital history of drawing and painting and how it formed the development of painting
  • 2 in-depth video interviews with Leffel himself about his life in art
  • More than 150 full-color illustrations
  • Stories about Leffel’s development as a struggling artist to his present place in the annals of art history
  • And much, much more, all at your fingertips!

As you can see, this one-of-a-kind eBook is like having a year-long, online master art class right in your computer! There is nothing else like it in the art world!

This eBook has been designed as a fixed-layout ePub file to preserve the qualities of the original print book. The following highlights how to open and read a fixed-layout ePub file on a computer or mobile device:

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