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One of the most baffling of skills for most art students is learning to set up a still life. As Sherrie has earned the nickname, The Setup Queen, this video is an invaluable look into the aesthetic wisdom of this seasoned master. We follow Sherrie as she explores different ideas for a setup in preparation for her demonstration.

She cautions against having any rules for setting up an arrangement if you want to set up a new idea. Otherwise, you will more than likely repeat what you’ve already done.

Starting with a white pot that she had been eyeing, she adds some yellow roses and flowers with an orange tinge as complements, and vows to keep this idea in mind for later. Next, peaches take a shot at winning her aesthetic heart, but they soon fall away as she tries some white hydrangea petals with the white pot, accented with black grapes. The colorlessness of this idea intrigues her.

As she explores a multitude of ideas, she explains what each one is and how you might handle each idea. She emphasizes the importance of being excited by the idea and not being swayed by the thought of what you think you can technically paint or not.

This video is a must-see for all those wanting strong ideas in their still life setups.


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