Sherrie Paints a Model in a Flamenco Dress (Rent)


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Sherrie masterfully captures a complex Flamenco dress design that would be daunting to paint in the studio on a larger canvas, much less trying to capture it on a small panel in front of a class in Bend, Oregon. Excited by the challenge of the beauty of her model in this ornate dress, she relates the difficulties and the benefits of working from life—which is always her preference—while answering questions from the students.

Once she finds her composition, she lays in the darks to set up the movement of light. Because of the complexity of the gold and silver-threaded, glittery material, the need to edit becomes paramount, as it would be easy to get carried away by detail.

The shimmering quality of the dress stimulated an idea that she would later tackle on a large canvas with a favorite model of hers in Taos, New Mexico. That painting—The Age of Innocence—became the centerpiece of a retrospective she had at the Butler Institute of American Art in 2016. The idea began with the inspiration from this setup and that painting is now part of the Butler’s permanent collection. Watch the artistic process from its modest beginnings to its culmination in her finished piece.


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