Sherrie/ Still Life with Venus Statue PART 1


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Sherrie/ Still Life with Venus Statue
In Sherrie’s first video of this series, she tackles a large still life with a Venus de Milo statue while narrating her progress for the viewer. The stark white figurine against a warm rusted-tin background makes this a particularly beautiful painting idea and, because of its complexity and size, is one she normally would not attempt on camera. But the time had come to film and the setup was too inspiring not to paint it. In this film, you’ll experience an intimate peek into the creative process.

This is not a demonstration; our film allows you to witness the artistic process up close. After determining that the Venus statue is more dramatic than the much subtler Tang horse and rider, Sherrie begins her large setup by composing a mass for the statue so that she can judge its relationship to the background. She shows the viewer that persistence is key in getting what you want and that relentless pursuit of an artistic idea is what separates artists from illustrators. You’ll see how she stops at nothing to capture her concept fully on the canvas.

She describes her idea in the painting and works very abstractly for a long time to make it a visual reality. You’ll see her use of a painting knife to achieve textures only possible on a stretched canvas.

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