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Sherrie/ Still Life with Venus Statue

In this continuation of Sherrie’s large still life, the painting idea is evident despite the lack of detail. This is always the goal in a start—to capture a feeling of the finish as quickly as possible. In this way, Sherrie shows how every brushstroke, every scrape and squiggle needs to further the idea; if it doesn’t, it needs to go. To her, becoming precious about a painting is its death knell.

Sherrie moves around the painting, resisting getting stuck in one area. She continually judges whether each brushstroke fulfills the concept. She uses a painting knife to go back and forth, adjusting the positioning of the Chinese lanterns as well as their intensely chromatic color slide. Sherrie steps back to see the painting from a distance quite often, as well as taking time to study the painting along the way.

Midway through the painting, she experiences a struggle with inner voices that are telling her that something isn’t right in the painting. She wipes off the left-hand side when the paint quality and design simply aren’t working for her. She continues to develop the idea. Sherrie shares anecdotes and practical advice from her days working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that is not only informative but also inspirational to those learning to paint.

After working on the painting upside down, in a dramatic show of courage, she ends this section by wiping the painting off entirely while explaining her reasons.

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