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Sherrie/ Still Life with Venus Statue

Sherrie makes the statue smaller and places it lower on the canvas to give the composition the scope she initially envisioned. She explains that space makes the objects seem larger and more real because they appear to be in an environment.

The ability to start abstractly is due to her strong drawing skills. Sherrie emphasizes the importance of drawing every day to hone your observation. The painting comes together quickly now that the composition is in accordance with the idea.

Sherrie talks about what the finish entails and discusses her struggles with getting to the finish in her own development. She describes how an artist uses information to guide the eye through the painting, controlling the pace with places of focus. She uses an age-old device of ‘carving out’ shapes to correct the drawing.

Getting a sense of life is, to Sherrie, one of the most amazing things an artist can do. She quickly demonstrates this as her painting begins to seem real, despite its obvious crudeness. She explains how the angles of the cast shadows set the perspective of the painting.

The running explanations of what she is doing are the advantages with adding voice overs later instead teaching while painting—the viewer gets insights that would not have been possible in the throes of the creative struggle. With a calm, detached perspective, Sherrie ends the video knowing that with more time, she will capture her beautiful idea fully to completion.

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