The Art of Learning Part 2

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In this refreshingly spontaneous film, Sherrie and David discuss the importance of “learning” to learn by sharing their own experiences as art students as they sorted through technique and style to become artists. This film is the beginning of a series that will address this important aspect of artistic development.



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Looking at a wall filled with Sherrie and David’s student work, the viewer is privy to early attempts in their respective development. It is illuminating to see where these two masters began and where their studies have taken them since.

David begins with a watershed painting done at the Art Students League of an African American model lying on a white sheet. He talks about the idea in the painting and how it was an early recognition of wanting a guiding concept in a painting. David’s drawing skills were already mature by the time he arrived at the League, so what he struggled with was getting the paint to do what he wanted. He talks about the struggle to see light rather than just light effects.

As David looks on, Sherrie shows two paintings that taught her how to make brushstrokes. She then shares a funny anecdote that went along with these two studies done in David’s class.

Sherrie and David then compare two paintings that they each painted of the same model side-by-side when Sherrie was a still a student, and talk about the differences in their understanding. Sherrie restates how important one of David’s mantras has always been for her: Students develop in one of two ways—either technically or aesthetically.

Then by serendipity, David says something that baffles Sherrie and upon asking for clarification, you as the viewer witness the learning process happen before your eyes.

You will be inspired by a lecture that lies at the heart of why Sherrie and David paint and why they have dedicated their lives to learning.

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