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The Language of Drawing eBook Edition with Videos

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$99.00 / year


It’s Like Having a Master Art Class on Your Computer!

Since it was first published in 2005, many have considered The Language of Drawing to be the definitive instructional drawing book. Now, Bright Light Fine Art is excited to reissue author Sherrie McGraw’s classic, out-of-print volume in four updated, digitally enhanced eBook formats, including this premium version that contains 24 detailed instructional videos.

The Language of Drawing eBook Edition with Videos supports beginners and accomplished artists alike to improve their skills, become better draftsmen, and see more deeply through the eyes of an artist. Guided deftly, warmly, and humorously by McGraw—an accomplished fine artist and drawing teacher with 40 years of experience—you will fall in love with drawing all over again!

In this digital version, your enjoyment of The Language of Drawing will be enhanced by art videos that demonstrate the simplicity of McGraw’s teaching. As you read the book, simply click on the live links to get instant instruction by the author herself.

McGraw combines technical demonstrations with relatable examples from her own personal evolution of creative development while capturing the wonder of imagination.

If you are looking for an alternative to stiff academic instruction, this is the eBook to get. McGraw brings a child-like enthusiasm to drawing while evolving it assuredly into its mature form. The Language of Drawing explains what all good draftsmen have known since the discoveries made in the high Renaissance. With over 200 full-color illustrations of McGraw’s drawings, it also includes some of her influences in a special chapter filled with work from some of the greatest draftsmen of all time.

Readers who study these materials will benefit from:

  • Sherrie McGraw’s 40 years of teaching experience
  • 24 concise instructional drawing and art videos
  • More than 200 full-color illustrations
  • Drawing technique demos using classic materials
  • What good draftsmen look for on a live model
  • McGraw drawing from a live model
  • And much more, all at your fingertips!

As you can see, this one-of-a-kind eBook is like having a year-long, online master art class right in your computer! There is nothing else like it in the art world!


Great tool for a real artist…I will keep this book as a reference for the rest of my life.

Learning to draw well is a never-ending pursuit, and this book helps not only to organize the essential knowledge of the craft, but also to support the aspiring artist in keeping on with his/her journey toward meaningful aesthetic goals.

The best drawing book of the past decades!

This book is well written, beautifully illustrated and generally very helpful. This is a book about drawing as ‘seeing’ rather than simply rendering a photocopy of your reference material.

Sherrie McGraw has written a beautifully illustrated book which reflects to the reader (be they student, artist, or collector)…the lexicon of the subject of drawing.

Used copies of the original out-of-print book are listed for $300 on Amazon, and rare new copies for as much as $600! We have made this priceless treasure, with the addition of 24 expert videos, available to our members for only $99/year.

Order today and rediscover the simple joy of drawing from your heart!

This eBook has been designed as a fixed-layout ePub file to preserve the qualities of the original out-of-print book. The following highlights how to open and read a fixed-layout ePub file on a computer or mobile device:

Disclaimer: You must be logged into your Artist Guild account to access the videos in the eBook. The videos in this eBook will be available to view for 12 months from purchase date. You will be able to extend your video access after 12 months through your Artist Guild Membership or the yearly subscription plan for this eBook.

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2 reviews for The Language of Drawing eBook Edition with Videos

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    robertaremy1 (verified owner)

    I have always loved this book for the topics it covers, as it seems to deal with all the pertinent issues and problems that have come up for me in my own drawing with very clear explanations. However this extraordinary marriage of the eBook and the videos is a totally new learning tool—it brings the book to life! The videos give complete explanations of the chapters and cover topics that my large collection of drawing books do not. For example, The Language of Drawing eBook discusses what to look for in a drawing; how to see and translate reality into a drawing; and how to understand that these marks are a language, and hence make up “the language of drawing.”

    This eBook is like having a private life class with Sherrie McGraw as your teacher. She is such a true artist that the things that concern her and the aesthetics that guide her teaching emphasize the “art” of drawing. The very titles of the videos highlight the checklist of what is important in good drawing. Materials and ways to use them are demonstrated visually. Words and language translate to charcoal marks and brushstrokes. I came away with a deeper understanding of what the language of drawing really means. I think The Language of Drawing eBook is a tool that can be used over and over again, gaining deeper understanding each time. Because of this eBook tool, I now feel like I can begin to “speak” in the Language of Drawing.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    sbirdartist (verified owner)

    Sherrie McGraw is brilliant. I feel that this eBook is equally as important for painters as it is for those that want to learn to draw because her explanations about form are relevant for painting as well. I’ve never heard “drawing from the inside out” explained so clearly and in a way that I could understand it until her video in this eBook. Hearing her explanation was one of those “aha” moments for me!

    She explains the difference in perception between seeing to draw and seeing to paint. She also simplifies perspective, making it understandable to an artist rather than so technical that only an engineer could get it. And I never knew that the way I hold charcoal might actually be constricting my drawing rather than freeing it!

    Watching Sherrie on my computer explain gestures is something I think should be mandatory for any student learning to draw. Playing the video gave me the opportunity to stop it and study how quickly and simply she describes the figure in line. Her description of finding weight is life changing. She states drawing principles so simply verbally that I was able to understand them visually.

    After her explanation of planes, I felt like I was seeing in a completely new way. It made me conscious in a way that will not only affect my drawing but my painting as well. For me, watching this eBook is seriously life altering as a painter even though I was watching it in order to understand drawing! This eBook is so wonderful and amazing that I can’t live without it! Can I tell the world?

    I’m just so awed by how simply Sherrie explains things; how clearly and how understandable she makes these principles. There is something about watching Sherrie one on one that made me understand or acknowledge things she’s said before that I thought I understood but didn’t really … until now. In this book, there are so many “wow” moments and so many truly life changing ideas for a realist artist! It’s not just a book for draftsmen; it’s a book for painters as well!

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