The Language of Drawing eCourse


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This eCOURSE is an art course designed to guide all levels of artists—from beginning to advanced—through the process of learning to see. If you are just starting your journey, you have probably taken vision for granted. But to draw well, an artist must discern the superficial information from the vital.

In this first eCOURSE, McGraw covers why drawing and painting developed differently. She will talk about and demonstrate the materials used by all the great masters, and she will thoroughly cover the most basic and important element to capture—the gesture.

With the use of videos to explain basic drawing knowledge, students will be given eXERCISES for each of six Modules of the course. Each section will take the student into deeper exploration and assimilation of the information, culminating in an art show of the students’ work with select critiques in a Live Chat format by Sherrie McGraw herself.

You will make gestures feel believable and alive. You’ll see that when you leave your fears behind, you’ll regain the openness you had as a child and rediscover the thrill of making lines on paper seem real.


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