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Hear from our students

“There are teachers who can teach you how to draw or paint subjects; there are even fewer teachers that can teach you composition, color theory, etc.; then there are David and Sherri’s teachings that go well beyond just teaching the basics and teach you how to draw or paint with artistry.”

Sangeeta Patel

“I’m a member of Bright Light Fine Art and I absolutely love it! The teachers are master artists, and I’ve learned so much more by joining. The art community is also a safe and fun place to learn. Tons of videos and weekly ateliers and workshops. I highly recommend it for anyone wishing to learn to paint or improve their work.”

Christie Cassell

“I’ve been listening to David’s program for quite some time, this is actually the reason I decided to subscribe to the “Bright Light Fine Art” site. His wisdom is priceless! It doesn’t matter what kind of artist you are, there is so much to learn from David, Sherrie, and all the other great teachers who teach there. I’m just happy that now I can see the workshops and all the other videos!!”

Sandra Sc