The Language of Drawing eBook Edition with Videos

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Some have called The Language of Drawing the definitive instructional book on drawing. Now that it is out of print, we are excited to offer this classic in four new eBook formats.

If the reader is looking for an alternative to stiff academic drawing, this is the eBook to buy. McGraw restores child-like vigor to drawing while bringing it firmly into its mature form. This eBook explains what all good draftsmen have known since the discoveries made in the high Renaissance. With over 200 full-color illustrations of McGraw’s drawings, it also includes some of her influences in a special chapter filled with work from some of the greatest draftsmen of all time. For beginners and accomplished artists alike, this eBook gives you what you need to improve your skills while falling in love with drawing again.

In this digital version, your enjoyment of The Language of Drawing will be enhanced by art videos that demonstrate the simplicity of McGraw’s teaching. Benefitting from 40 years of teaching experience, you’ll have everything you need help you become a better draftsman. As you read the book, simply click on the live links to get instant instruction by the author herself.

Here’s what you’ll have at your fingertips:

  • 24 concise videos illustrating the text
  • Technique demonstrations using classic drawing materials
  • What good draftsmen look for on a live model
  • McGraw drawing from the live model

This eBook has been designed as a fixed-layout ePub file to preserve the qualities of the original out-of-print book. The following highlights how to open and read a fixed-layout ePub file on a computer or mobile device: