Taos Workshop

2018 Fechin Studio Workshops
In the exquisite north light in the Fechin Studio in Taos, New Mexico, the workshop BLFA has planned will help round out your education. Sherrie will start with three days of drawing, which will include quick gestures that will morph into longer studies of the human form. Jackie will then take over for the next three days in a joyful exploration of flower painting to get students to lose their fear of making brushstrokes. And after honing your observation with drawing and freely applying paint, the workshop will end with David teaching three days of the portrait and costumed figure where all these qualities will prepare you for the most challenging subject matter of all—the human form. Don’t be surprised if you see all the instructors wander in and out of the studio throughout the nine days, and if this happens, they are available to help you as well.
This multi-faceted workshop offers a great opportunity to learn in one of Taos’ historic artists’ studios with three dedicated instructors.

                             Santa Fe Workshops

We are very excited about our workshop venue in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a world-renowned art mecca. The drawing and painting classes will be held in the grand ballroom of The Lodge hotel where all forty students will enjoy attention from three instructors daily. In the drawing class, we will focus on understanding the many textures in the human form–bone, flesh, muscle and tendon; the painting class will also focus on the many textures in objects–glass, metal, silk and velvet. This class will help you understand what qualities ‘define’ an object and boost your confidence that you can paint the beauty you see.  Santa Fe is a magical place; come join us for a rich week of learning!

Santa Fe Workshops

  • Drawing: March 20 – 29, 2019
  • Painting: March 20 – 29, 2019
  • Drawing & Painting: March 20 – 29, 2019

To reach the reservations department of The Lodge, call (505) 992-5858 or (888) 563-4373. To receive the group rate, reference the group code ‘B05F15’ or ‘Bright Light Fine Art’.

Click on the following to book your reservation online at The Lodge.

Exploring Texture

This year students will be immersed in the rich panoply of textures—silk, velvet, skin, copper, glass, flowers, wood and more. Every object has a quality that defines it—soft, shiny, matte or see-through—and successfully painting different textures requires succinctly conveying the qualities that define a subject. All demonstrations will occur in the evenings to maximize painting time during class.

Drawing Workshop

Painting Workshop

In the three-day drawing class we will explore different textures in the human form, doing more careful studies of parts of the body to discover the magic of capturing bone, flesh, tendon and hair. We will also use some drapery in order to heighten students’ awareness of the different materials and how they drape across form. This class will be a great preparation for the painting class.

For five days students will explore the qualities that define different textures. By painting still lifes and models in luxurious settings, students should feel much more confidant about capturing the characteristics that distinguish copper from pewter, satin from velvet, and skin from hair. We are excited about offering students a chance to focus on a basic skill that will bring new life into their work. In this unique workshop, we look forward to furthering students’ art education in an intense but enjoyable week of study and camaraderie!