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Workshop Materials List

Materials List for Workshops

This is our standard workshop Materials list
You will find the additional materials used during the Workshop within each day's description on your workshop page.

Painting Supply List


Vasari or Old Holland preferred. Avoid student grade paints in all brands.

  • Genuine Naples Yellow (only in Vasari)
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Venetian Red
  • Cad. Yel. Deep
  • Cad. Yel. Lt.
  • Cad. Red Lt.
  • Pthalo Blue (Vasari) or Scheveningen Blue (Old Holland)
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Burnt Umber
  • Raw Umber (Vasari)
  • Ivory Black
  • Flake White (also called Cremnitz, Silver, Lead)


Maroger Classic Mediums 


Hogs Hair Bristle brushes, Filberts regular or long; Get a range of sizes: # 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Here are some suggestions as to brush companies: Trekkell/ , Silver Grand Prix/

Robert Simmons


Inner Glow boards: Can be used on both sides so one can make two different starts, exploring different ideas; slick surface.

New Traditions Art Panels: L600 series

These boards have the advantage of being lightweight if you get them on Gatorfoam. The surface is smooth but with the texture of linen.

Drawing Supply List

Drawing Pads

At least one newsprint pad for gesture drawing (students will do many gesture drawings throughout the workshop.) and at least one drawing pad with off-white paper Strathmore Drawing Pads 400 series or anything comparable, paper that is off-white instead of brilliant white. (It is easier on the eyes.) Small sketchbooks are available from Kunst & Papier ( or phone 650-321-1738).  My favorite style is the Wire-O Sketchbooks. Any size that appeals works beautifully. At least one pad needs to be 16 x 20 or larger for the long poses. Students can just use newsprint if money is a factor, as it is off-white. But they should also know that newsprint isn’t archival and will yellow and eventually disintegrate.


Bring a variety of colored papers (neutral tones), BFK Rives Paper, Somerset, Speckletone paper. There is a new color in Stonehenge paper called Kraft. Students will use white contè on these papers to create an enhanced feeling of light on the model. (Optional; Instead of buying toned paper, you may make your own tone on white paper with contè or charcoal or by putting a wash of watercolor on the paper. This seems to work best with Rives BFK, but any smooth paper will work. Use masking tape to secure the sides of the paper completely until paper is dry. This can be speeded up with a hair dryer.)

Vine Charcoal

Soft and medium

Charcoal Holder

Cretacolor wood holder

Brass Holder

Contè Pencils and Sticks

Sanguine, black, sepia and white Pencils: (buy by the pencil or set)

Conte Crayons:

Kneaded eraser

Single-edged razor blades


Sanding Block or a strip of medium and fine Sand Paper for sharpening pencils