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About The Artists Guild Fine Art

Bringing Inspiration and Technique to Every Artist in the World.  The Artists Guild is the place for world-class, affordable art instruction. Beginners and advanced artists alike are discovering the best online art instruction is available at Bright Light Fine Art in The Artists Guild.  Bring your work and your understanding of painting and drawing to a completely new level by joining The Artists Guild.  

Learn from master artists, as they share their expertise in traditional realist painting and drawing through a constantly expanding collection of exclusive fine art videos and live instruction.

Aesthetically bonded, David A. Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Jacqueline Kamin and Stacy Kamin each interpret Beauty with their individual visions and artistic temperaments. Fate seemed to bring these three artists together as they endeavor to propagate the teaching and understanding that the masters of the past had known.

The Artists Guild Fine Art is the way our students, peers and collectors can connect with us on a more intimate level to enhance and strengthen their understanding and be a part of this Renaissance of Beauty — Abstract Realism.

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