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David A. Leffel is not only recognized by his peers as a painter’s painter, he is considered by many to be no less than the artistic reincarnation of Rembrandt. Colleagues and collectors alike recognize him as a modern master and his work can be found in permanent museum collections throughout this country as well as numerous private collections here and abroad.




Sherrie McGraw is recognized as one of the top artists of our time, having recently been awarded the Butler Institute of American Art’s Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement in American Art. Only the second woman to have received this award, she now joins the ranks of art legends Leo Castelli and Louise Nevelson. Sherrie also received an honorary doctorate from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.



Jacqueline Kamin’s poetic work partially stems from the influence of the passionate Russian Impressionists whose work she collected and studied in the 1990s and Rembrandt, whose rich paint quality has guided her own artistic journey as well. Amidst a flourishing career, her work continues to reap acclaim among painters nationwide.

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Beauty: Though this word has lost its place in the lexicon of the modern-day art world, it is embraced by these three contemporary artists. They are at the forefront of a contemporary movement called Abstract Realism that is concerned with the Renaissance of Beauty and its relevance in today’s world. Their painting philosophy is tied to that of previous Masters such as Turner, Velazquez and Rembrandt. With each of these artists their ideas are realized in drawings, chiaroscuro portraits and still lifes.