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A Day in the Studio

Learn to Paint Inside an Artists Studio - Drawing and Painting Classes

What if you had been a fly on the wall in Rembrandt’s studio?

Now with our new series you can do the equivalent of just that—you can peer in on professional artists while they paint alone in their studios, making bold and dramatic artistic decisions. David, Sherrie and Jacqueline take chances in ways they might not if these were regular demonstrations.

This revolutionary new series of instructional videos will show you the artistic process in a way that few artists would dare reveal. These videos address a long-awaited request by most students to see how David, Sherrie and Jacqueline work when they are grappling with problems in their own paintings and drawings. These are not demonstrations. This is footage of artists working at their own pace as if they were working alone.

Although BLFA has always said that capturing this kind of footage would be impossible, A Day in the Studio seems to be the closest we could come to delivering this experience—given the reality of a camera presence. These videos take you into their hallowed spaces and out on location to watch master artists paint and draw still life, portrait and figure studies as close as possible to the way they would work normally. You’ll see the struggles and triumphs up close. Guided by insightful voice-overs, these films illuminate the thinking behind a work in progress, and when a painting was been completed later, an image of it will be included at the end.

Come and learn through an intimate view of creation in the making…

Welcome to an Artist’s Private World!

The Complete Day in the Studio Series.  3 Renowned Artists With Access to All Videos.

A Day in David Leffel’s Studio

A Day in Sherrie McGraw’s Studio

A Day in Jackie Kamin’s Studio