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Frequently Asked Questions

The Artists Guild offers instructional videos that can help you identify what you want to learn and how to reach the next level of development. Through instructional videos, eCourses, eBooks with videos, online seminars and our special Day in the Studio series (taking you into the studios of our staff to see how they work, with voice-overs that explain their thought processes) you can find the missing knowledge, and most importantly, the inspiration you’ve needed to become the artist you’ve always envisioned.

You don’t need a degree in art to be an accomplished artist. It isn’t even necessary to have studied art before. No matter what age you start painting, what you really need is instruction that cuts through all the unnecessary academic training so you can learn the basics and grow to be the artist you envision. Our instructors at The Artists Guild can help you do just that.

The beauty of technology today is that you no longer have to travel or live in a big city to receive the best art education available. Now our instructors can mentor you, even if you live in a remote place, far from an art school. You’ll learn to draw and paint in the comfort of your own home on any computer or mobile device. 

Now you can do just that. David A Leffel is recognized by many as the Rembrandt of our time. Through tutorials and demonstrations directly from this master and his learned colleagues, you can become a better artist as you begin to paint with the knowledge Rembrandt possessed.