June Figure Workshop 2021


Master Painting In Your Own Studio

Reignite your passion for painting as you connect with beauty again. In a series of online workshops, our experienced instructors will cover all subject matter in comprehensive demonstrations with an active Q & A over Zoom.  All recordings will be available for 90 days after the workshop concludes.

June 24th - 27th / 8:30am - 11:30am PST


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June 24th / Morning: Free Session!

David, Sherrie, Jackie and Stacy will all be available for this extensive slide presentation on select painters and how they use the figure in their work. The PPT will also include some of their own work in order to explain how you can compose the figure according to your visual idea. Anyone can ask questions and we expect that there will be a robust discussion of the figure and its role as an artist’s muse. Then there will be an exciting preview of what is to come in the actual workshop!
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June 24th / Afternoon: David Paints the Nude

David uses an existing painting of one of his favorite models to explore a slightly different concept than the original. The entire three hours will be this luscious and bold demonstration, with David guiding you through his process and answering any questions you have. This first painting will set the stage for the rest of the workshop where you will learn what it means to think abstractly but paint realistically.
On this first day of the workshop, we will continue with this theme as Sherrie paints a male figure in watercolor, starting with a vine charcoal drawing; and David paints a nude in oil from an existing painting. There will be robust discussions about mediums and what differences they offer, if any, when choosing a medium for your idea. We know that people have many questions regarding different mediums, and all the instructors will be available to talk about their ways of working within different mediums that they are versed in—pastel, watercolor, and oil.
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June 25th / Figures in Interiors

Stacy will paint a figure self-portrait in oil from life and Jackie will paint a figure in pastel and oil, both started from life but continued with photo references. Stacy has painted herself in her studio, while Jackie has painted her other daughter Rachel in Jackie’s new home with an arrangement of flowers. This should be a fascinating comparison that will no doubt stimulate much conversation about why one would choose a particular medium over another to express an idea.

Often people think that there is an entirely different set of knowledge needed when using different mediums, but we feel that the understanding you have—at whatever level you are—will allow experimentation without being intimidated by what you don’t know. The particulars of a medium are less important than the idea that guides them.

Both Stacy and Jackie have a natural way of painting and we feel this day will inspire and encourage those who have been hesitant about painting the figure.

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June 26th / What Difference Does a Medium Make?

We will continue this theme as Sherrie paints three separate clothed male models, first in pastel, then watercolor, and finally in oil. First, Sherrie paints a bearded mountain man, using one of her drawings as reference. Since pastel was her first medium as a student, Sherrie will show us how versatile it can be.

She then tackles a skier with snow-covered trees as a backdrop using a dazzling watercolor palette. As it is a posthumous portrait, she works from a photo reference, making necessary changes in order to improve the composition as a painting.

Finally she paints a local model from life.  Because he is nude to the waist, you will see how she handles skin and clothing in, arguably, one of the best figure demonstrations BLFA has captured on film. All of these demos are different and will stimulate relevant discussions about mediums and what different qualities they offer, if any, when choosing one over another to flesh out an idea. We know that people have many questions regarding different mediums, and all the instructors will be available to talk about their ways of working with pastel, watercolor, and oil.

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June 27th / Painting the Clothed Figure in Oil

David has been painting the human figure for the entirety of his 60-year career. In this three-quarter painting of Sherrie from life, David will share his expertise about putting the figure in space, while getting the abstract idea of light moving through the canvas.

This is a large painting and not one he would normally tackle for a demonstration. In fact, this isn’t a demonstration—it is the start of a piece for an upcoming show.  We will discuss composition when the figure is the whole reason for the painting and when it is part of a whole interior idea. This discussion will help you understand the differences in concepts as they pertain to the figure.

This last day will be a great way to wrap up the workshop by answering all the questions you have about various ideas with figures, so that you too can start exploring one of art history’s richest genres.



“I loved every moment of it. I especially was fascinated by the closeups of the actual brushstrokes. So many of my questions were answered during these 7 days.”

Nancy H.

“The richness of the content, the integrity of the process and I love that I can watch the videos again for the next 90 days. Glorious!”

Judy L.

“Watching each artist paint and having him/her explain the thoughts behind the choice of stroke, value, and color is incredible.  Also being able to sit at my kitchen table and not have to leave home, but have the opportunity to learn and be inspired.”

Frank O.