January Workshop 2021 - The Artists Guild Fine Art | Bright Light Fine Art

January Workshop 2021


Master Painting In Your Own Studio

Reignite your passion for painting as you connect with beauty again. In a series of online workshops, our experienced instructors will cover all subject matter in comprehensive demonstrations with an active Q & A over Zoom.  All recordings will be available for 90 days after the workshop concludes.

Recorded Jan 7th - 10th / 8:30am - 11:30am PST

Sherrie McGraw Old Codger Insight Gallery


cropped_David Eddie LockeCrop

Jan. 7th

David will start the workshop out with a demonstration where he will show students the most important aspects of portraiture. Informed by more than 50 years of mastery in this genre, he will answer questions from participants, talk about existing work and the problems different skin colors pose. He’ll address edges, dimensions, paint quality, and more. This will be an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy 3 full hours of indulgence in the expertise of a living master. All instructors will be present every day to answer questions.

Jan. 8th

Jackie will share multiple demonstrations while answering questions from the audience. She will inspire you with her special talent for making beautiful brushwork as you delight in her innocent approach to portraiture. Watching her gaily capture the soulful quality in her subjects will dispel any fear you’ve harbored around portraits. Jackie will show you how fun people can be as subject matter while you too will feel moved to try your hand at this time-honored genre. David and Sherrie will also be present to field questions as well. 
cropped_The Ribbon Scarfppt

Jan. 9th

Since it isn’t presently safe to hire models, Sherrie will show you how you can paint from a drawing instead. In one to two portrait demonstrations, she will share the fun and challenges of using a linear art (drawing) to inform a sculptural art (painting). You will see how this resource can open up new possibilities when having a model isn’t practical or safe. In the tradition of the old masters, Sherrie will show how you can capture enough information in a drawing to do a convincing, dimensional painting. This may change how you think about drawing and its importance in a portrait.

Jan. 10th

David will wrap up the workshop with a demonstration of Sherrie. He will apply everything the instructors have shared to this point—good drawing, beautiful paint quality and solidity—as he explains what he is doing every step of the way. He will then clarify and answer any remaining questions from the workshop. You will benefit from his warm way of sharing his depth of understanding.


“I loved every moment of it. I especially was fascinated by the closeups of the actual brushstrokes. So many of my questions were answered during these 7 days.”

Nancy H.

“The richness of the content, the integrity of the process and I love that I can watch the videos again for the next 90 days. Glorious!”

Judy L.

“Watching each artist paint and having him/her explain the thoughts behind the choice of stroke, value, and color is incredible.  Also being able to sit at my kitchen table and not have to leave home, but have the opportunity to learn and be inspired.”

Frank O.