March Still Life Workshop 2021 - The Artists Guild Fine Art | Bright Light Fine Art

March Still Life Workshop 2021


Master Painting In Your Own Studio

Reignite your passion for painting as you connect with beauty again. In a series of online workshops, our experienced instructors will cover all subject matter in comprehensive demonstrations with an active Q & A over Zoom.  All recordings will be available for 90 days after the workshop concludes.

Recorded March 10th - 14th / 8:30am - 11:30am PST

mcgraw 2018-3-19, 3/19/18, 10:50 AM,  8C, 8520x9216 (0+1164), 150%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/30 s, R82.3, G75.4, B97.4



March 10th / Bonus Day: How We Work

We filmed this day especially for all those people who have questions about the materials we use. As well, you will see demonstrations on making form and achieving brush control. This way you will have all these questions out of the way so you can just watch and enjoy the workshop and ask the questions you really want to know about painting a still life. 

 All of us will be available to answer questions in real time as Stacy does her delightful explanations of how to set up a palette with the colors we use, what mediums we paint with and what surfaces we paint on and much more. This day will make you more confident in understanding the basics before the workshop begins.


March 11th / Start the Finish

In demonstrations done from existing paintings, each of these artists will  give you an idea of how each painting  was started according to the visual idea. You will be able to ask questions in real time about what a concept is, how it affects the composition, and how to  finish a painting by understanding the start. This should make beginning a painting with a concept seem possible.
Jackie Kamin-2

March 12th / Exploring Composition

Jackie will paint an exquisite set up with camellia buds and hydrangea from her new garden in Oregon. You’ll watch as Jackie gaily lays on paint and develops her composition from beginning to end, capturing the alizarin buds and the graceful sprig of white hydrangea. You’ll learn about painting a design on a white pot, grapes, flowers, leaves and more. 

Jackie, David & Sherrie will be available to answer questions as the demonstration unfolds.

mcgraw untitled 2018-09-05, 9/5/18, 10:52 AM,  8C, 9000x8654 (0+2027), 150%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/30 s, R86.5, G78.8, B99.9

March 13th / How to Handle A Light Background

Sherrie starts this stunning demo of a pair of Indian moccasins and a Spanish retablo with an unusual composition. You will see how, toward the end of the painting, Sherrie rethinks the size and placement. You’ll find out how important this decision is and the part it plays in achieving the visual idea she is seeking. Also, the design includes painting darker objects against a lighter background, as well as using color and light to make an object come forward. You will also learn about making objects recede and advance on a surface.  

Sherrie, David & Jackie will be available to answer questions as the demonstration unfolds.

DalLandscape with Apricots

March 14th / The Beauty of Space

David will show how a little bit of “something” can balance a “lot of nothing” in this compelling use of space on a canvas. Starting with the darks, the painting mysteriously evolves, and before you know it, the whole concept is there! In David’s minimalist way, he shows how little is needed to make the viewer see the visual idea. That is the magic that he will share with you as the painting unfolds. 

David, Sherrie & Jackie will be available to answer questions as the demonstration unfolds.



“I loved every moment of it. I especially was fascinated by the closeups of the actual brushstrokes. So many of my questions were answered during these 7 days.”

Nancy H.

“The richness of the content, the integrity of the process and I love that I can watch the videos again for the next 90 days. Glorious!”

Judy L.

“Watching each artist paint and having him/her explain the thoughts behind the choice of stroke, value, and color is incredible.  Also being able to sit at my kitchen table and not have to leave home, but have the opportunity to learn and be inspired.”

Frank O.