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Masters Membership Videos

Masters Membership to The Artists Guild Included Videos

Note:  Remember, to access and view the video tutorials below from your Masters Membership, you must be logged into your account.  For your reference, you can visit the Account Login page.  If you are already logged in, you may click on the videos below.

Art Model Resource

The Croquis Cafe is a free artist model resource. They produce weekly video recorded modeling sessions and still photos of models from which to draw and paint.  The Artists Guild members are welcome to use these references.

Become a Featured Artist on Bright Light Fine Art!

Are You Interested in Being a Featured Artist on our Bright Light Fine Art Website?

If so, as a Masters Member, this is a unique opportunity to become a featured artist on the Bright Light Fine Art website.  Our master instructors will provide an opportunity to select a featured artist, to gain some recognition and showcase your best work!

Featured Artist Opportunity Submission

Complete the submission form to let us know your interest and details, and we will review your work and select a winner each quarter.

One Free Annual Art Critique

One free annual critique is included in your Masters Membership, which is by two or more of our instructors: David A Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Jacqueline Kamin and Stacy Kamin.  Contact Us to schedule your annual critique anytime.

David Leffel Live Facebook Q&A Videos – Sundays With David Leffel Live

Your Masters Membership includes access to David Leffel’s exclusive Live Facebook Q&A videos with new content each week, of “Sundays With David Leffel Live”

David Leffel Facebook Live Videos – Q&A – Sundays With David Leffel Live 2019

David Leffel Facebook Live Videos Package

David Leffel Facebook Live Videos – Q&A – Sundays With David Leffel Live 2020

David Leffel Facebook Live Videos Package

Drawing eCourse Videos Complete Series (Part I-IV)

Your Masters Membership will include access to all Drawing and Painting eCourses.  The Drawing eCourse consists of Part I: The Basics, Part II:  Drawing From Life, Part III: Preparing For the Nude, Part IV: The Live Nude Model.   Over 90 Instructional Drawing Videos!

Painting eCourse Coming Soon.

A Day in the Studio:  Complete Series

Your Masters Membership will include access to all artists studio series.  You can peer in on the amazing 7 videos of professional artists while they paint alone in their studios, making bold and dramatic artistic decisions. This revolutionary new series of instructional videos will show you the artistic process in a way that few artists would dare reveal. These videos address a long-awaited request by most students to see how David, Sherrie and Jacqueline work when they are grappling with problems in their own paintings and drawings. These are not demonstrations. This is footage of artists working at their own pace as if they were working alone.

Masters Membership eBooks & eBooks With Videos

Your Masters Membership will include access to all 48 videos in the eBooks by our artists (Included eBooks: An Artist Teaches, Self-Portraits, by David A Leffel, and The Language of Drawing, by Sherrie McGraw).

Introductory Videos Featuring Master Artists

David Leffel’s Story

Sherrie McGraw’s Story

Jacqueline Kamin’s Story