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Materials List

Materials List for Workshops

Painting Supply List


Vasari or Old Holland preferred. Avoid student grade paints in all brands.

  • Genuine Naples Yellow (only in Vasari)
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Venetian Red
  • Cad. Yel. Deep
  • Cad. Yel. Lt.
  • Cad. Red Lt.
  • Pthalo Blue (Vasari) or Scheveningen Blue (Old Holland)
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Burnt Umber
  • Raw Umber (Vasari)
  • Ivory Black
  • Flake White (also called Cremnitz, Silver, Lead)



Maroger preferred. If odor is a problem, you can use black oil, also available from Old Masters.


Hogs Hair Bristle brushes, Filberts regular or long; Get a range of sizes: # 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Here are some suggestions as to brush companies: Trekkell/ , Silver Grand Prix/

Robert Simmons



Inner Glow boards: Can be used on both sides so one can make two different starts, exploring different ideas; slick surface.


New Traditions Art Panels: L600 series

These boards have the advantage of being lightweight if you get them on Gatorfoam. The surface is smooth but with the texture of linen.