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An Artist Teaches is the defining instructional masterpiece written by David A Leffel, the legendary teacher from the Art Students League in New York. This book is the culmination of years of dedication to the art of oil painting and has become a “painting bible” to many art students. We are excited to offer this classic oil painting art book in four new eBook formats.

With nearly 50 years of teaching experience, Leffel’s logical approach to painting is magnified in these ten concise films. Offering personal explanations of his ideas, Leffel shows the important principles of painting by using examples of his own work. You will see the real application of edges, paint quality, color, value and composition as they manifest in a painting. These films are strategically placed to illuminate his writing and make his teaching philosophy come alive to the reader.

If you are looking for a clear explanation of how painting actually works, this is the eBook to buy. Whether you are a beginning art student or a seasoned professional, An Artist Teaches will give great insight into the visual potential of painting and will help give fuller expression to your own artistic vision. With over 140 full-color illustrations of Leffel’s paintings, this eBook allows you to “dissect” beauty and uncover the magic in Leffel’s work through the magnification technology available today on mobile devices. For beginners and accomplished artists alike, this eBook gives you what you need to improve your skills while giving you a fuller appreciation of the magic of painting.

Enjoy the Deluxe version of this painting classic. Not only will you have the highest resolution available for ease of viewing and magnification, but you will also have the benefit of watching the author himself explain the book to you in his intimate and informative manner. The Retina Ready version will make you feel like you are being privately tutored in his studio. Leffel’s revolutionary approach to learning to paint will help beginners and professionals alike improve painting skills and make painting come alive again. Because the images are such high resolution, please note that the eBook will require extra time to download onto your device.

This eBook has been designed as a fixed-layout ePub file to preserve the qualities of the original print book. The following highlights how to open and read a fixed-layout ePub file on a computer or mobile device:

Disclaimer: You must be logged into your Artist Guild account to access the videos in the eBook. The videos in this eBook will be available to view for 12 months from purchase date. You will be able to extend your video access after 12 months through your Artist Guild Membership or the yearly subscription plan for this eBook.


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