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Weekly Atelier/Roberta Remy: Facial Features

ROBERTA REMY/ Facial Features

As an experienced and knowledgeable teacher, Roberta will guide members through drawing and painting the features of the face. Most anatomy courses overwhelm you with nomenclature, but instead Roberta will skillfully teach you what you need to know in order to help you paint and draw better portraits.

The first week she will start with the skull and describe the structure underneath that supports the features as well as draw the skull for you from the front, side and back, explaining its most important characteristics.

In subsequent classes, through clear explanations and demonstrations, she will draw and paint the eye, nose, mouth, and then the ear in that order. She will start a painting of a portrait and paint in each feature as she demonstrates them, so you will see a portrait come to life, feature by feature.

We are so excited to have such a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher cover this necessary yet often-intimidating subject!

Reference and Demo Images

Session 1: the Skull

Session 3: the Nose

Session 2: the Eyes

Session 4: the Mouth

Session 5: the Ear