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David Leffel Portrait Painting Demo of Bill Cody Promo

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Please enjoy your free painting demonstration: Portrait of Bill Cody by David A. Leffel

by Bright Light Fine Art | The Artists Guild

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This stunning portrait is one of the best demonstrations you’ll see by David A Leffel.

Starting with an emphasis on bone structure, David lays in the gesture of the head of his model, Bill Cody. He takes the time to get the drawing right in the beginning, which pays off when he begins to put the light on the face.  In the meantime, he lays in all the darks including the background so that the light will project more powerfully. An image of the model is onscreen with David’s painting for almost the entire video for easy reference.

The beauty of this portrait is that it is done in a way where each stage of the painting can be easily followed. It is encouraging in that it makes viewers feel that they too could paint this portrait. Everything David does is explained and laid bare, making portraiture more approachable than most demonstrations. From the first brushstroke to the last, this video will make a lasting impression and help viewers feel that portraiture is much less scary than they may have thought. David practices what he preaches when it comes to the importance of making brushstrokes—each one is descriptive, which is at the heart of its visual impact.

We hope you enjoy this video.  We invite you to learn more about The Artists Guild to get access to wonderful art instruction by world-renowned artists.

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