Stacy Demonstrates Painting from Sketches

Stacy Demonstrates Painting from Sketches

Stacy Demonstrates Painting from Sketches/ Part 1 and Part 2

Part 1

While Sherrie is on hand to answer some questions from the audience, Stacy explains how she gathers information through photographs and sketches to produce paintings from European trips upon returning to her studio. This demo is of a church interior in Sevilla, Spain.

Stacy lays in a rich dark imprimatura in order to establish the design of the painting. Sherrie inspires the audience by talking about Stacy’s development as an artist. Her work dramatically changed when she found that painting on location, in Europe in particular, was something that inspired her and propelled her work to a different level. In this first part of the video, Stacy sets up the lights, and begins to lay in the dramatic light effect.

In Part 2, Stacy continues to build up the light and refine the dark figures silhouetted against the dramatic light inside the church. Sherrie answers lots of technical questions from the audience while Stacy continues to pay attention to the perspective, which shows a lot of foreground leading into the doorway. She adds detail making it come to life. The result is a stunning interior for her first ever demonstration for Bright Light Fine Art. Simply put, this film is one of most inspiring interior demos you will ever see.