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GREGG KREUTZ/ AUGUST 3, 10, 17, 24

Gregg Kreutz is a world-renowned artist, author and playwright who presently teaches for the famed Art Students League in New York City. Having taken over David’s classes when he and Sherrie moved to Taos, Gregg continues to be one of the League’s most popular instructors. Although he is known for his wide range of subject matter, and in this four-week mini-course, he will share one of his favorite passions—the portrait in oil. In addition to his consummate skills as a painter, he has a wonderful sense of humor and delights his students with his easy and entertaining way of imparting knowledge of the human face.

Gregg will have several different models during the course, with the option to continue on a painting should he be so inspired. The demo will be in real time, so you can paint along with Gregg if you desire, as well as ask questions in real time.

Gregg Says:
In this four week class I will focus on the four foundational aspects of painting the model.

1.Internal structure
2. Shadow/light
3. Local color
4. Edges

I will also explore how our hard-wired visual preconceptions can interfere with accuracy. Working with live models, I’ll try to slow down my painting process of decoding complex reality so that it can become an accessible learning opportunity (In other words, I’ll talk while I paint). I’m looking forward to doing a deep dive into the challenge of painting people.

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