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Weekend Workshops – Painting Flowers

Weekend Workshop- Flowers - the Artist's Muse

Welcome to the 2023 “Flowers” Weekend Workshop page. Here you can find links to the recordings for each day as well as the longer recordings of the demonstrations (if available), and any images used within the workshop. If you have any questions or queries about materials, you can also find those answers here. Sessions are from live online events.

Saturday : Flowers, the Artist's Muse (slideshow-discussion) / Peonies Demo - Sherrie McGraw

In this month’s workshop, we will be exploring flowers–the beautiful, lyrical qualities of flowers.

On Day One, we’ll start with some examples from history where you’ll get inspiration from the many ways that flowers have been explored by different artists worldwide, with a few examples of our own work. Our goal in these PowerPoints is to expand your idea of what can be done with different subject matters. That way other artists’ work can stimulate your own ideas so that you can develop into the artist you’ve always dreamed of. There will be lively discussions with Jackie, David and Sherrie about various ways artists have used flowers in their work in the past. Then you’ll see a demonstration in real time by Sherrie as she paints one of the most beloved flowers ever–peonies. She’ll explain her process and the painting’s present state and how she arrived at the decisions she made, as she answers questions from the live audience.

Workshop Images

Sherrie McGraw Materials

Session Recording

Full Demonstration by Sherrie McGraw (silent)

Sunday : Lilies - Jacqueline Kamin,
Paint-On-Demand (Audience Requests) - DAVID LEFFEL

On Day Two, all the demos will be live. For the first hour Jackie will explain her process as she demonstrates a painting of lilies.  We’re excited to add it to our repertoire of flower demonstrations. Then David will Paint-On-Demand for the remaining two hours.  This is an exciting way to end our workshops and allows you to digest and question anything that’s been said or shown in the rest of the workshop. This way you can more fully incorporate the teachings from the weekend into your own work.

Workshop Images

Demos: Jackie Paints Lilies -David Paints Roses