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Weekend Workshops – Paining the Figure / Quang Ho

Figure Painting Weekend - April 2023

Welcome to the May 2023 “Figure Painting” Weekend Workshop page. Here you can find links to the recordings for each day as well as the longer recordings of the demonstrations, and any images used within the workshop. If you have any questions or queries about materials, you can also find those answers here. Sessions are from live online events:

May 20th 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM MT

May21st 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM MT

Saturday : Figure Painting / Slide Show, Live Demo - Quang Ho, with Sherrie McGraw, Jacqueline Kamin and David Leffel

Quang Ho is a thoughtful man. Although his demeanor is quiet and unassuming, in today’s art world he has become an influential giant through the sheer power of his work. David and Sherrie first met Quang when he was fresh out of art school. At once they saw that his talent was most impressive, and following his work since then, it is apparent that he has only continued to grow through constant questioning and experimentation. In describing painting Quang says, “My purpose is simple…help others including myself…awaken and become their highest selves…period.”
No subject matter intimidates him and nothing is off-limits. This fearlessness is what imbues his work with a special quality that is visually riveting.

On Saturday, Quang Ho will do a LIVE demonstration of the figure as he answers questions you may have about his process. As one of America’s top artists, his impressive virtuosic skills as a painter will be a treat to witness. We are excited to share his expertise with all of you in this special workshop on the figure!

Workshop Images

Quang Ho Materials

Materials List

  • titanium white,
  • yellow light, medium and deep,
  • cad orange,
  • cad red light,
  • alizarin claret,
  • ultramarine blue,
  • cobalt blue,
  • viridian,
  • sap green,
  • bright green lake,
  • yellow ochre,
  • transparent oxide yellow and red,
  • burnt and raw umber,
  • black

Session Recording

Sunday : "Andrew" Figure in Oil - SHERRIE MCGRAW,
Demos on Demand! (Audience Requests) - DAVID LEFFEL

Sunday, May 21st : Sherrie will begin the program with a clothed figure demonstration of Andrew, and will be available to answer questions through the entire pre-recorded demonstration. Then David will take the mantle as he “Paints on Demand” for all of you. This is becoming one of the most popular parts of our monthly workshops, so don’t miss your opportunity to ask David to paint!

Workshop Images


Online Session Recording


Full Demonstration by Sherrie McGraw (silent)