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Weekend Workshops – Paint Quality

Paint Quality Weekend - April 2023

Welcome to the April 2023 “Paint Quality” Weekend Workshop page. Here you can find links to the recordings for each day as well as the longer recordings of the demonstrations, and any images used within the workshop. If you have any questions or queries about materials, you can also find those answers here. Sessions are from live online events:

April 29th 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM MT

April 30th 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM MT

Saturday : Paint Quality Examples / Peonies Demo - JACQUELINE KAMIN

Paint quality is often spoken about, hinted at, and noted as what painters should “want” in their work, and yet, how many could say what it is? This workshop will focus on just that–what good paint quality is in oil, pastel and watercolor.
On the first day, April 29th, we’ll show a visual presentation of images from painters of the past that will not only inform this question in depth, it will also inspire! The second half of the morning will be a taped oil demonstration by Jackie of peonies, one of the most sacred, fleeting and exciting flowers to paint. She will answer all your questions in real time and explain how she thinks about creating beautiful paint in her work. Sherrie and David will also be available to answer any lingering questions from the PowerPoint. This will be your opportunity to really understand paint application as it applies to your own work.

Workshop Images

Jacqueline Kamin Materials

  • Materials list (coming soon)

Session Recording

Full Demonstration by Jacqueline Kamin (silent)

Sunday : Still Life with Venus in Pastel - SHERRIE MCGRAW,
Demos on Demand! (Audience Requests) - DAVID LEFFEL

On April 30th you will see a recorded pastel demonstration by Sherrie of a Venus statue and dried flowers. She will talk about her process and thinking, and how it might differ from when she paints in oil. The remaining 2 hours David will demonstrate LIVE! This will be your opportunity to have him show you how to solve certain painting problems or any questions regarding painting at all. This will be a fun experiment where David will be at your disposal to demonstrate air, paint quality, making brushstrokes, form…anything that confuses you in painting. This should be an extraordinary morning!

Workshop Images

Sherrie's Pastel Materials

    SENNELIER PASTEL CARD/ Light Grey/ 012/
    Unison: A25, A50, A51/ Y9,Y12,Y4,BE4,BE17,BE25, BE27, BE34/
    YGE4,YGE8, YGE12/ GREY 28/ DK6/ GREEN 12, GREEN 15/ RED 13/ BV9, BV11
    Girault: 525, 115, 121, 107, a mystery dark and a few miscellaneous pieces in both brands.
    Cretacolor wooden holder

Online Session Recording

Full Demonstration by Sherrie McGraw (silent)