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Weekly Atelier/Gregg Kreutz: Figures in Interiors

Gregg Kreutz - Painting Figures in Interiors


About Gregg Kreutz

Gregg Kreutz has been delighting students for decades with his informative and entertaining instruction as one of the most popular teachers at the legendary Art Students League of New York. He also conducts art workshops all over the United States as well as Europe. Armed with a great sense of humor, Gregg makes learning not only enjoyable, but a fluid, worry-free experience as he navigates painting challenges with ease. Adding a talent at writing to his many credits, his book “Oil Painting Essentials” has become a Random House bestseller among artists worldwide. In each of his four classes in April, Gregg will paint an interior scene. He will structure the picture around one of his six unifying pictorial concepts and, with value and color, infuse the event with chiaroscuro drama. He will show you how he develops a composition for this time-honored subject matter—figure(s) in an interior.

References and Demo Images

Figures in Interiors/ Session 1

Figures in Interiors/ Session 2

Figures in Interiors/ Session 3

Figures in Interiors/ Session 4

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