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Anatomical Planes planes blog interview with Sherrie McGraw

Anatomical Planes

Anatomical planes are easiest to see in a simple example like a box. A box has six sides: a top, a bottom and four sides.  A plane represents a directional change. The human form has many anatomical planes, but even though it has more nuance than a box, it essentially has the same planes: a top, a bottom and four sides.

In this video blog Sherrie McGraw will talk about planes. Using her drawings, a painting by Rembrandt, and one of her own paintings, she explains how knowing planes exist will help you begin to see them for yourself.

She will point out how to find planes:


  • Where the light is coming from
  • What planes are facing the light
  • What planes are getting raking light
  • How opposing planes that turn away from the light are in shadow
  • How different planes describe what is happening with the form
  • How Rembrandt described planes in paint in his painting of his son, Titus
  • How to use temperature to describe forms
  • Where you find non-color

If interest in Practical Anatomy, we invite you to check out our course to improve your skills.

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