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Master Artist in a Man's World: Interview with Sherrie McGraw Aspen Leaves Gallery

Master Artist in a Man’s World: Interview with Sherrie McGraw

This is a recent interview with Sherrie McGraw. It gives people a different side of her than in the art instructional videos. Hosted by Lori McNee at Fine Art Tips, she helps listeners and viewers discover new things about one of our favorite master artist and instructors.

Sherrie’s Journey as a Master Artist

Learn how at the age of 4, how she knew she wanted to be an artist, and much more.

Sherrie tells stories about growing up in Oklahoma. Listen to how her artistic journey began, and what it was like being supported by and part of a large family.

She talks about her studies at the The Art Students League of New York, education, her passions and mentors who inspired her. These things helped get her involved in still life and tips on setting up a still life.

Sherrie talks about studying with David Leffel. She says she knew right away, he was the one she wanted to study with.

Sherrie says “His work spoke to me in a way that no other artist in history had”. She was inspired by his abilities. and transitioning from a student and blossoming into a master artist as a woman.

Listen to how her drive as an artist pushed her to succeed and continue to stay humble.

Lori asks Sherrie how she went from being a good to great master artist. Understand how Sherrie got clear on what she wanted as an artist. Learn the choices she made to stay true to her intention. Learn how she overcame rejection, challenges, and difficulties along the journey.

Discover how Sherrie learned what other masters understood related to concepts and other paintings and drawing techniques to help her master her skills. She talks about working at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and how she got to study the paintings. Sherrie learned that line was alive.

She talks about how incredible an artist journey can be. For example, we can make brushstrokes, and hundreds of years later, someone can know who we are with our brushstrokes.

Her passion is contagious. Learn and listen to the interview below and discover how The Artists Guild can uncover your inner artist. Or buy a copy of Sherrie McGraw’s best selling drawing book and save 25% with coupon code: SAVE25. Limited time offer – The Language of Drawing book.

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