Sketching in Spain

“Recently I took an architecture sketch class in Spain. I have always been intimidated by drawing buildings, until I took a master class that concentrated on capturing buildings by using contour drawing and seeing shapes. Usually drawing buildings conjures up visions of straight edges and rigid rules, but in this class I learned to draw European architecture with limited knowledge about perspective. To me perspective is usually boring when it focuses on correctness, which usually makes my drawings stiff.

This way of working is direct, using no erasers and clean, pen and ink lines. We often worked with blind contours, keeping the pen on the page and looking at the subject, but not at our drawings. We worked from the outside in and I was able to access the beauty I wanted to capture instead of worrying about whether or not my drawings were perfect. I am glad for this new way of thinking about perspective drawing while traveling.

I will continue putting up blogs about sketching. Below you can see my sketches along with photographs that show you what I was drawing. Hopefully you too can discover that perspective doesn’t have to be intimidating!”


                                                                          Stacy Kamin

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